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Lyngby College

Lyngby College

Lyngby College


At Lyngby Golf College, it is possible to follow the dream of a sports career in golf without compromising on your youth education. Through a close collaboration with STX and HHX, the framework is optimal for young elite athletes - you can stay on campus, you can use fantastic golf facilities, you are trained by some of the country's best coaches from the Danish Junior Golf Academy, and not least the school schedule is adapted to the large amount of practice while you are studying. You live almost a professional sports life.

Housing and dining:

The unique college environment comes when you live it 100%. For those of you who want to live by the school, it is possible to rent a room at the dormitory.

Price from 2500 kr. pr. month. 

At the dormitory there is a communal kitchen where there will always be food for breakfast, packed lunches and dinner. A hot meal is served daily in the school canteen for lunch. It is possible to join this scheme, even if you do not live in the dormitory.

Price from DKK 1500 pr. month.

Everyday life:

Combining everyday life as a golf athlete and school student can be tough and requires great support. Therefore, there will be a person / coach associated with the golf college. This person will have his daily walk at the school / training facility and thus always be ready with a helping hand. For you who lives at the school, in addition to a golf manager, there will also be a contact person who lives at the school. This person has the following role:

  • Arrange social events in the evening in the sports hall etc.
  • Practice around the college
  • Security in the evening

Experience and coaching role

With the coaching team of Peter Thomsen and Andreas Kali from DJGA who are in charge of the Lyngby Golf College, we have from day one secured an enormous experience, insight and dedication in training with young talents. DJGA has delivered many ​​talents to the Danish national teams, and several are embarking on a professional career. Around a talent environment, it becomes clear that the sporting set-up carries the heaviest weight. It is crucial to create the right sporty set-up and environment.

The experience from DJGA is the foundation that future students at Lyngby Golf College benefit from in everyday life and at annual training camps at home and abroad, where inspiration is continuously created via external experts.

The coaches at the college work at the highest level and expect themselves to be a support for the individual player at all times. This means that they are constantly working to further develop their own competencies in all areas. Thus, the coaches also act as mentors for the individual player. Players learn to relate to more than one coach, however, there will be a primary coach associated with each player.


  • Andreas Kali
  • Nicolai Cetti
  • Peter Thomsen

Training amount

Every week, serious and targeted golf practice is a part of the program in connection with hours in school. Golf training includes:

  • 8 hours of training per week physically, mentally and technically
  • 10 long training sessions of 4-8 hours annually
  • 3-5 days training camps in DK with own payment
  • 14-day training camp in the USA with self-payment


We believe in

We believe in and have experienced that it is crucial for each individual player's development that you become aware of your own technique and development areas. The goal is to make the player his own best coach and enable the player to take responsibility for their own development. In our training and approach to the players, we work holistically with all parts of the game of golf, technically, physically, tactically and mentally. In addition, we work with social relationships. DJGA has always been based on four basic values:

  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Will
  • Joy

At the same time, it is absolutely essential that our approach is based on seeing the players as whole people, which is why it is important to focus on acquiring competencies that go beyond the sport and will benefit them in their other endeavors. Basically, the philosophy and training environment of DJGA creates motivation and development. Training at College is holistic and process-oriented, and is primarily about technical, physical and mental training. The technical training uses the latest technological analysis tools, including TrackMan, 3D Biodynamics, SamPutLab and video systems. This helps to provide the most optimal and accurate analysis of the direction of development. In the physical training, programs are prepared based on physical screenings. The program is continuously adjusted and supervised by the physical trainer.

The mental training is based on a goal, evaluation and division into periods, which are decided in individual interviews throughout the year. We work individually with the player and focus on the player's challenges in this area. It is expected that the player is ready to work with himself and his personal development. We believe that purposeful work and training in a developing environment among like-minded people yields results.


  • The training course for a player at Golf College Lyngby costs 2.500,00 kr. per month.
  • When you stay at Golf College you have a single room for all 3 years. This costs 2500 kr. per month for a player. It is possible to share a room for 2 people. Full table dining 1500 kr. per month.

Contact persons:

Peter Thomsen
Tlf.: 40 36 85 05
Email: peter@djga.dk
Andreas Kali
Tlf.: 21 82 53 15
Email: kali@djga.dk