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Nicolai Cetti

Nicolai Cetti

Nicolai Cetti

  • Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm
  • Year of Birth: 1994
  • Danish PGA coach
  • DJGA player 2007-2013
  • Junior national team player 2009-2012
  • Student at Ikast Sportsstar College 2010-2013
  • Senior national team player 2013
  • Professional since 2014
  • Coaching student since start 2015
  • Winner of Kids Cup 2006
  • 6th place Thailand Junior World Golf Championship 2010
  • 2nd place Danish International Youth Championship 2011
  • Danish Champion 2012 Junior
  • Winner of the Taylormade Junior Open 2013
  • Professional player on the Ecco Tour 2015
  • PGA Student of the Year 2016
  • Dr. Kwon Bio Mechanics Level 1 Certified
  • Tom Wishon Clubfitting certified
  • Stack & Tilt course completed

Nicolai's coaching philosophy

Golf is a fascinating game in every possible way, and being allowed to work with it every single day is the best I know.
There are so many parts of the game of golf that can be compared directly to life, and I believe that one acquires a lot of good qualities through the game that one can make use of for the rest of life.
The best thing about teaching is being able to help people to enjoy this amazing game. To be able to give them an idea of ​​which direction their development should go, and help to see them get better and better. And at the same time know that no matter how good a player you are dealing with, there is always potential for development, and to get better. Golf is an endless spiral, where development goes hand in hand with work effort, and those who work hardest are also the ones who make it the furthest.
That being said, the most important thing is that golf should be fun. Regardless of level, age or level of ambition, it must be the desire that drives the work.

Nicolai's goal

As a coach, I always strive to keep things simple and concrete, and express myself as accurately as possible. I believe that just a few but specific focus points are better than many. I take pride in conveying these things in a way so that each player gets the most out of each practice session, and I am constantly trying to develop and improve myself. Just as I want players constantly evolving and improving, I have the exact same, burning desire to always improve my teaching, and learn new things. I love this endless process, and hope I can keep learning for the rest of my life.

''The Man'' behind World of Shortgame

World Of Short Game is a subdivision of the Danish Golf Academy. It is in all its simplicity about the short part of the game of golf. Chipping, bunker and pitching are the only things that are focused on.