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A strong foundation

At DJGA Region, a strong foundation is created for further development. Here, players learn a lot about the requirements and philosophy of DJGA, and they are introduced to the methods that can take their game to the next level. The regional teams in DJGA have functioned since 2006, and are today a direct recruitment to teams at an even higher level, which is why access to great experiences and possible participation in various national teams is an option.

Themes on Region

  • Learn to practice with an eye for the values: Commitment, Responsibility, Will and Joy.
  • Learn more about goal setting and evaluation. Short and long term goals (from one practice session to one season)
  • Intensification of physical training starting with requirements regarding quantity. The training is constructive and with a focus on movement patterns.
  • Technically, we unfortunately see many with a poor basic movement. We therefore work a lot with the technique in all parts of the game

Training amount

3 hours of training for 2 out of 3 weeks + one full day training per month. In addition, there will be training camps at home and abroad several times a year.


Everyone is welcome to apply for admission, but it requires a certain level and not least a great desire to practice golf.


  • 1,400.00 kr. pr. month
  • 2,500.00 kr. in start-up fee