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The concept behind

The Danish Junior Golf Academy is a talent-development project for young talented golfers. The project was founded in the autumn back in 2005, when Peter Thomsen and David Dickmeiss started it out with a small group of juniors who were seeking more practice and development.

In a very short time, an idea to start this project turned out to be just right. Already a year later, the project consisted of 42 junior players. The thoughts and ideas of the project were based on Peter and David's own experiences and shortcomings regarding their talented careers. These thoughts and ideas have today been converted into experience and great insight into the Danish talent development.

“We started the project because we had the opinion that Denmark lacked a place for talent development of young golfers. As the project has taken shape we are delighted to offer the young people an opportunity to develop their talent and personality in an environment that is carried by: a lot of enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism, a high degree of community combined with individuality, co-responsibility and joy.”

The results speak for themselves

DJGA is today a recognized project, where it is obvious to let the results speak for themselves. Over 90% of current national team players are or have been part of the DJGA. Exceptional! Our players dominate the national rankings and deliver both victories in national and international tournaments. 

The great results make us proud and hungry. We have a strong setup and a clear concept. We have the motivation, commitment and will to achieve even more.

Vision I DJGA

  • DJGA forms the background for a Danish Major winner
  • DJGA forms the background for a Danish top-10 player in the world rankings

Philosophy of DJGA

  • Through awareness and knowledge of own technique and development areas, the individual player becomes his own coach.
  • We work purposefully with all parts of the game of golf, technically, physically, tactically and mentally.
  • Focus on social skills.
  • DJGA is based on the values: responsibility, commitment, will and joy.
  • Players must acquire skills that go beyond the sport, which will benefit the individual in the phases of life.

DJGA focuses on development rather than results

  • The juniors' own drive and goals are the starting point for development.
  • High training volume with like-minded people provides the best conditions for development and the pursuit of the dream.