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Over 90% of national team players…

DJGA National is the team for the greatest talents. It is from this team that more than 90% of the Danish national team players are recruited from. To become part of DJGA National, it requires a high level of competence, and even more importantly a great desire and motivation to train 12-25 hours a week.

Themes on DJGA National

  • Focus on maintaining great motivation for the high amount of practice.
  • There is frequent feedback between coach and player on the practice to ensure the optimal development.
  • This is done through several training sessions and more individual training. At this level, swing changes become more complex and require more 1:1 time.
  • For physical training, both volume and development are required.
  • The development is supported by a physical trainer.
  • We work with individual goals, both short-term and long-term.
  • Mental work is a high priority.


Everyone is welcome to apply for admission. It requires a high level and not least a great desire to practice golf. Most often, players are recruited from the DJGA region or future teams.

Training amount

Estimated for 100 training days a year incl. training camps.


6.600,00 - 6.900,00 kr. pr. quarter.