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Ikast College

Ikast College

Ikast College

What is DJGA College?

DJGA College is the golf department of SportsStar College in Ikast. Today there are between 20-40 golfers, including national team players and U-squad players.

The combination of school, training and housing provides a completely unique, and not seen similar in Scandinavia, opportunity to live in an elite environment among 250 other athletes divided into FCM football and handball academy, Herning Cycling Club, Team Ikast men's handball and IFS badminton. The training facilities are located together in and around the college, this includes everything from a covered training course with lawn and putting, Tullamore GK, strength training room, indoor golf training center with trackman, 3D biodynamics, samput lab, as well as business school and high school. This provides a unique opportunity to live a focused everyday life, where there is actually time for school, homework, sports and social well-being.

The joy of golf is the focal point

Each year players receive a questionnaire to help with a joy barometer. The form helps to set the framework for how motivation and will are optimally created and maintained between the environment. The 4 core values of DJGA are stimulated on many conscious and unconscious levels.

Training amount

The amount of training is distributed in addition to 5-6 weekly training sessions with a focus on mental, physical, tactical and technical training.

Three years at College in Ikast

The 3 years in college are divided so that the individual player acquires new knowledge every year. There is a difference in the level and trainability of the players, therefore there will be a difference in which competencies are in the headquarters. Below is a basic sketch of a stay at the College.
Year 1
  • Induction course with focus on interaction between the years
  • Intro to training methods
  • Intro to mental training including goal setting and evaluation and training environment
  • Intro to physical training, including quality of training
  • Clarification of mental, technical and physical development areas
Year 2
  • Further development of training methods
  • Work with technical, physical and mental development areas
Year 3
  • Further development of training methods including statistics
  • Work with technical, physical and mental development areas
  • Intro to golf after college, including college in the USA, further education in high school or other.

The coaching role

The coaches at the college work at the highest level and expect themselves to be a support for the individual player at all times. This means that they are constantly working to further develop their competencies in all areas. Thus, the coaches also act as mentors for the individual player. Players learn to rely on more than one coach, however, there will be a primary coach associated with each player.


  • Thomas Poulsen
  • Lars Holm Larsson

Who is admitted to DJGA College in Ikast?

In principle, anyone who wants to combine further education with a serious approach to their sport is admitted. It is expected that you have goals with your sport and education and are ready to prioritize life as an elite athlete for 3 years.


Price for the golf part at College is 1,950.00 kr. per month, as well as 4 x 1,500.00 kr. for an activity pool that covers green fees for playing days on other courses, membership of the indoor gym, Tullamore membership, expert visits etc. 

College costs 5,075.00 kr. and is paid monthly for board and lodging for a single room or 3,975.00 kr. for a double room (shared with another student)