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Kids golf

Kids golf

Kids golf

Fun and motor developing

Kids golf is for all kids who are between 4-9 years old. The goal of kids golf is to do golf practice sessions in a fun way. In practice, we do this by involving golf-related sports such as baseball, throwing exercises, athletic exercises, jumping and running - exercises to create speed. From a purely golf technical point of view, there is a focus on the basic principles of golf formation and movement. We do not go so much into right and wrong. However, introducing exercises unconsciously gives kids a good balance and a powerful golf movement.


The kids golf training takes place at our unique facilities in:
  • Charlottenlund (summer)
  • Indoor center in Kokkedal (winter)
  • Royal Golf Club (Amager)

More info

Read much more about kids concepts here.If you want further information about practicing times and prices, please contact Peter Thomsen.

  • Tlf.: 40 36 85 05
  • Email: peter@djga.dk