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DJGA History Timeline

DJGA History Timeline

Our history

2005: The project started out

The project was founded in the autumn back in 2005, when Peter Thomsen and David Dickmeiss started it out with a small group of juniors. The initial idea for the project was to bring more structure into the training, work more efficiently and eventually prepare world-class players.

2006: The project has grown bigger

The project has grown from 7 to over 40 players within a year. It was spread out between Sjælland and Jylland, where Peter Thomsen was responsible for the group training in Sjælland and David Dickmeiss took care of the group of players in Jylland.

2008: DJGA College program was established

DJGA College is the golf department of SportsStar College in Ikast. Today there are between 20-40 golfers, including national team players and U-squad players.

2009: DJGA was divided into different teams

Since the DJGA project has grown bigger and bigger over the few years, it made sense to divide the project into different teams. The program was divided into Future, Region, National, International, Lyngby College, Ikast College and Kids golf teams.

2019: The first DJGA Masters was organized

DJGA organized the first DJGA Masters. It was also held the upcoming year.

Current time: DJGA players entering the biggest Tours

We now have several players, playing on the biggest tours worldwide. Marcus Helligkilde won the 2021 Challenge Tour, and is a DP World Tour Member. Emily Pedersen has several tour wins on the ladies tour, and has won national awards for her results. Christoffer Bring and John Axelsen are also DP World Tour Players. Several other players are competing on the mens and ladies tour around the world. Check our Hall of Fame for more