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Nicolai Oxenbøll

Nicolai Oxenbøll

Nicolai Oxenbøll

Former DJGA player through many years, winner of national titles as an amateur and later played as a Professional.

What was the most exciting thing about being a part of the DJGA?

Definitely all the practice camps. It was so just to wake up early in the morning and practice all day with no concerns or thoughts of being anywhere else.

What was the best advice you got from your coaches in DJGA?

Oh that’s tough, they said a lot of great stuff, but Peter said once “Stay true to yourself and your goals”.

What was the best thing you learned from DJGA?

They taught me to be structured, to set goals, be patient and do everything to be the best version of myself!

If you should give advice to a young DJGA player what would that be?

Just listening to what the coaches say. Be open for any kind of advice and most importantly – be humble and practice hard!