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Oskar Ambrosius

Oskar Ambrosius

Oskar Ambrosius

Former DJGA player through many years, winner of national and international titles and national team player on the Danish National team. Player at UTEP Miners College golf program, and winner of several titles in US College golf.

What was the most exciting thing about being a part of the DJGA?

The most exciting thing about being a part of DJGA was being part of such a unique environment, supported by highly skilled coaches, where everyone made each other better, while creating friends for life. 

What was the best advice you got from your coaches in DJGA?

I received so many great advice throughout my time in DJGA, and the best one was probably to have a clear purpose every time you go to practice and play. 

What was the best thing you learned from DJGA?

Again, I learned a lot from my time in DJGA, and the best thing I learned was that whether it’s in golf or life, you can’t do everything alone, and having great people, players, and coaches around you is possibly the most important part of becoming better.

If you should give advice to a young DJGA player what would that be?

An advice I would give to a young DJGA player would be to try and have fun with the process every day, knowing that not all days are going to be easy. Also, compare your game to yourself instead of others because no one’s process looks the same.